Tuolumne County Pioneers, U - Z

East of Sonora, 1850 - 1900

Tuolumne County Pioneers, 1850 - 1900

Last Names U - Z

The Tuolumne County Pioneers listed here lived or worked in the mountains east of Sonora, from Sullivan Creek up through Sugar Pine, Stawberry and Kennedy Meadows and on across Sonora Pass to Leavitt Meadow. Many were ranchers, lumbermen, miners, hotel keepers, freighters, travlers, or hunters. Others were involved with planning and constructing the Sonora and Mono Wagon Road.

Pioneer Names

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Underwood, A. A. deeds
Underwood, Franklin 1860 saved Stoddard in snowstorm
Underwood, John M. 1860 deeds
Vail, Henry 1873 Great Register Confidence coal burner
VanPragg, Joseph Leonard 1865 Sonora-Mono Road
Vanausdale, Ada 1877 Tuolumne Independent, 27 Oct. Confidence teacher
VanHorn William 1863 claims Mono County
VanPatten, Walter 1935 Pinecrest guide
VanPatten, William 1900 father of Walter
VanVecten, D. 1857 deeds;claims Severence Mill
VanZant, John 1879 Great Register Confidence mining engineer
Vassala, Frank 1878 Tuolumne Independent, 18 June Pioneer Stage Line
Viles, Frank 1879 at Leavitt Meadow
VanSegger, Henry D. 1860 deeds; census
Vorhies, Jotham 1853 deeds Sugar Pine lumberman
Waggoner, David Morris 1877 Great Register Centre Mill lumberman
Wagner 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 22 Aug. cook at Baker Station
Wagoner, Daniel 1863 Tuolumne Courier, 9 May snowblind on the Sonora-Mono Road
Wagoner, Luther 1889 Democratic Banner, 25 Oct. survey of reservoir sites
Waldron, S. 1858 newspapers Donnell Indian fight; Miners' Ditch
Walker, John 1877 Union Democrat, 29 Sep. hunter
Wallace, John 1855 newspapers Tuolumne County Water Company engineer
Wallens, John N. 1860 deeds; census
Walsh, Matthew Henry 1895 Great Register Middle Camp laborer
Walton, William 1890 Democratic Banner, 18 July drove lumber wagon from Empire Mill
Warden, Jonathan 1853 newspapers Sonora's chief fire engineer
Warmack, L. T. 1853 claims Davis Flat
Warner, Joseph 1863 deeds; claims Davis Flat
Warren, John 1884 Tuolumne Independent, 23 Aug. lived above Sugar Pine
Warren, William H. deeds
Warwick deeds
Washburn, J. deeds
Washington, Silas deeds
Waterhouse, Enoch 1877 Great Register Confidence farmer
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Way, Fitch 1879 Great Register Sugar Pine sheep herder
Way, Benjamin Franklin 1870 newspapers lumberman; Patrick's brother
Way, Patrick Henry 1881 Directory Sugar Pine blacksmith; Frank's brother
Webster, Alex 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library Tuolumne Co. Water Co. employee
Webster, Amos 1853 claims Sugar Pine resident
Webster, Joseph 1853 claims Sugar Pine resident
Weddle, Samuel Perry 1879 Great Register Confidence farmer (see Weedle)
Weed, Oliver 1860 Miners' Ditch protest
Weedle, Samuel Perry 1884 Directory see Weddle
Weland deeds (could be Wheaton)
Welch, John James 1864 Eureka Valley claim with Hays
Wellington, Edmond 1854 claims claim on upper Tuolumne River
Wellington, Henry deeds
Wells 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 27 Aug. sheep herder in mountains and Mono Co.
Wells, Herbert 1880 stage driver
Werth, William H. 1854 claims Strawberry resident
Westinghouse, Calvin J. 1888 Great Register Confidence farmer
Westinghouse, Ezekial 1888 Great Register Confidence farmer
Weston, George 1864 Esmeralda Herald, 26 July caught in Bridgeport flash flood
Wetmore, Annie 1909 owned Sugar Pine Hotel
Whaler, Stephen S. deeds may be Whalery
Wahling, John H. deeds may be John N.
Wheaton, C. H. 1860 Sonora and Mono Road
Wheelands deeds
Wheeler, Edwin Dwight 1873 claims Sugar Pine Creek farmer
Wheeler, Eliphalet D. 1875 Great Register Sugar Pine farmer
Wheelin deeds
Wheeling, John H. 1852 claims Sullivan Creek
Wheelock, Benjamin D. 1888 Great Register Confidence mining engineer
Whippey, Joseph B. 1864 deeds; claims Strawberry resident
Whipple, Charles F. 1897 deeds Sullivan Creek
Whipple, Lee author of "Early Days. . . "
White, A. G. 1860 newspaper Miners' Ditch protest
White, Edwin E. 1854 newspaper president of Tuol. Co. Water Co.
White, Hugh 1880 newspapers delivered mail to Bodie
White, John Augustus 1880 Confidence teamster
White, John B. 1888 Tuolumne Independent, 28 Apr. president of ditch company
White, Samuel E.
White, William B. 1857 claims Sugar Pine Creek
Whitehouse, Ralph C. 1884 Directory Sugar Pine laborer; Cold Springs lumberman
Whiteing, Jasper S. 1860 Union Democrat, 21 Apr. with VonSchmidt survey team
Whiting, Robert 1855 with VonSchmidt survey team
Whiting, S. A. deeds
Whitman, George W. deeds or George W.
Whitney, George W. deeds
Whitsell, Elijah M. deeds
Wiard, O. H. 1884 Tuolumne Independent, 13 Sep. Carter and Adams Sawmill
Wick, William 1853 claims Sugar Pine resident
Wigging, W. 1856 claims Confidence Mine
Wilkinson, Sarah 1880 Tuolumne Independent, 19 Nov. 1881 married Augustus Gerber; Strawberry
Willcomb, Daniel deeds
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Williams, Alfred 1870 census farmed with Comstock
Williams, Ann 1853 Twain Harte ranch wife of Calvin J.
Williams, Calvin J. 1853 claims Twain Harte ranch
Williams, Charles D. 1880 census son of J. D. Williams
Williams, David 1877 ranch between the forks of the Stanislaus River
Williams, Frank A. 1893 Bridgeport, 28 Oct. murdered
Williams, George W. 1855 claims Davis Flat
Williams, H. W. 1854 claims Republican Water Co.
Williams, Henry William 1871 Great Register Soulsbyville butcher
Williams, J. E. C. 1899 Bridgeport CU, 21 Oct. rode bicycle over Sonora-Mono Road
Williams, J. S. 1884 Tuolumne Independent, 26 July Depty Clerk Supreme Court, trip over Mono Rd.
Williams, John D. 1853 census, deeds Twain Harte farmer, son of Calvin
Williams, John H. 1874 newspaper leg crushed by wagon
Williams, Nancy 1853 ranch at Twain Harte, sister of John D.
Williams, S. H. 1860 Sugar Pine bear hunter
Williams, Samuel Hanna 1888 Great Register Confidence farmer
Williams, W. J. deeds
Willis, T. L. 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 15 Oct. Lake Lillian Resort, Mono Co.
Willis, Thomas 1872 Tuolumne Independent, 22 Jan. killed Engles, Phoenix Lake farmer
Willson, Delancy 1879 cook with Wheeler survey team
Wilmerding, J. C. deeds
Wilson, A. J. C. 1863 American Flag, 20 Aug. lived in Twain Harte
Wilson, Charles deeds
Wilson, Clarissa E. 1860 census wife of Henry
Wilson, Elijah 1878 Union Democrat, 9 Feb. killed by Indians
Wilson, Henry 1870 census sawyer on Sugar Pine Creek
Wilson, Henry 1853 1860 census
Wilson, Richard M. 1858 Miners' Ditch
Wilson, Sierra Nevada 1853 born 1853 daughter of Henry and Clarissa
Wilson, William 1870 census Davis Flat lumberman
Wing, Gideon 1865
Wingate see Wingerton
Wingerton, William deeds
Wingerton, Dennis deeds
Wingutter see Wingerton
Winters, R. 1853 with Trahern
Wirk, William deeds
Wolf, John 1863 TCWCo., Huntington Library Tuolumne County Water Co. employee
Wolfe, Herman 1883 Tuolumne Independent newspaper correspondent, visited Lake Eleanor
Wood, I. J. 1883 Tuolumne Independent, 21 July helped at Baker's Station
Wood, Samuel 1852 claims Strawberry Flat
Wood, William Henry 1871 Great Register Sugar Pine cattleman
Woodford, Alfred deeds
Woodford, James E. 1852 claims Sugar Pine
Woodman, P. R. 1853 claims Strawberry
Woods, Bruce 1916 Union Democrat, 21 July Forest Service man at Brightman's Flat
Woodside, Homer Henry 1895 Great Register Confidence farmer
Woodward, F. J. deeds
Works, Augustus 1895 Great Register Hale's Mill teamster
Wright, Geroge F. 1872 Tuolumne Independent, 19 Dec. superintendent Excelsior Mine, died
Wright, Isaac N. 1872 Tuolumne Independent, 19 Dec. superintendent of Excelsior Mine
Wright, John C. deeds
Wright, Walter deeds
Wyckoff, Scott 1896 Democratic Banner, 14 Aug. injured at Strawberry
Wylie, Harvey deeds
Yancey, Tyron Milton 1862 Sonora and Mono Road
Yancey, Tony 1898 Democratic Banner, 22 July dispute with Kennedy
Yaney, Israel Putnam 1862 deeds; claims Mono County
Young, Charles B. deeds from San Francisco
Young, M. 1860 Miners' Ditch protest
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