Tuolumne County Pioneers, S - T

East of Sonora, 1850 - 1900

Tuolumne County Pioneers, 1850 - 1900

Last Names S - T

The Tuolumne County Pioneers listed here lived or worked in the mountains east of Sonora, from Sullivan Creek up through Sugar Pine, Stawberry and Kennedy Meadows and on across Sonora Pass to Leavitt Meadow. Many were ranchers, lumbermen, miners, hotel keepers, freighters, travlers, or hunters. Others were involved with planning and constructing the Sonora and Mono Wagon Road.

Pioneer Names

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Salter, Frederick 1860 deeds; census
Sanborn, John B. 1860 deeds; census
Sanders, George B. 1880 census Sugar Pine miner
Sanders, James L. 1881 newspaper killed by Drew
Sanders, P. M. 1853 newspapers part of McLean party
Sanderson, William 1864 claims upper Stanislaus River claim
Sandeval, George 1895 Democratic Banner, 30 Aug. escaped from bear; Sonora butcher
Saunders 1863 newspaper ice wagon on Ice Trail
Sayce, Henry 1879 helper on the Wheeler survey team
Sbarbaroz, Bartholomeas 1895 Great Register farmer on Comstock Ranch
Scamell, George 1880 Great Register killed in Sugar Pine
Schell, Daniel 1888 Democratic Banner, 8 June caught bear cubs at Eagle Creek
Schell, Bert 1888 Democratic Banner, 8 June with father Daniel at Eagle Creek
Schofield, John L. deeds see Scofield
Schuler, Henry 1865 claims Uniontown
Schultz, Henry Cristopher 1880 newspapers Sonora and Mono Road (also Shultz)
Schwan, Frederick 1884 Directory Sugar Pine teamster
Schwierz, Morris 1877 deeds; claims Sugar Pine resident
Scofield, John L. deeds or Schofield or John C.
Scott, M. deeds
Scott, Rick 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library Tuolumne Co. Water Co. employee
Sears, Benjamin Willard 1880 Directory artist
Seckel, George 1854 claims Sugar Pine Creek
Seers, Amos 1853 deeds Sugar Pine claim by J. C. Adams
Seprons, Rodney C. 1853 claims Turnback Creek
Severence, Charles C. P. 1857 claims Severence sawmill
Shaver, H. I. 1860 deeds; census or H. J.
Shaw, Alvah 1852 census
Shaw, Benjamin G. 1860 Haslam Ranch
Shaw, Lewis deeds
Sheel, Charles 1888 Democratic Banner, 18 May from Calaveras Co., drove sheep up Mono Road
Shepherd, J. R. deeds
Sherburne, David 1860 deeds; census merchant
Sherman, G. N. 1864 American Eagle, 21 Mar. David Flat resident
Shiller, James L. 1870 census clerk in Confidence
Shine, Andrew James 1880 deeds; newspapersPioneer Livery and stage line
Shine, John Henry 1880 deeds; newspapers Pioneer Livery and stage line
Shirra, George 1854 claims Sugar Pine Creek
Shoemake, Drury 1862 claims Niagara Creek
Short, Robert W. 1854 claims Republican Water Co.
Shultz, Henry Cristopher 1880 newspapers Sonora and Mono Road (also Schultz)
Siebert, Nettie 1893 Union Democrat, 19 Aug. Sugar Pine teacher
Simmons, Asa 1878 newspaper see Timmons
Simons, William 1877 Tuolumne Independent, 30 June Confidence resident
Simpson, D. C. 1886 deeds purchased Pickel and Leavitt Meadows
Simpson, John 1870 owned Merrill Springs
Simpson, S. M. 1864 claims claim at Cow Creek
Sisemore, Asa 1871 Great Register Strawberry Flat laborer
Slater, Samuel E. deeds
Sly, John M. deeds
Sly, Thomas 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 14 Nov. stuck in snow on the summit
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Smart, George 1859 CA Hist. Soc. Qtrly., Vol. 7, Pg. 112 crossed mountains to Mono Co.
Smith, Albert Justice 1871 Great Register Sugar Pine miner
Smith, Ansel 1878 Tuolumne Independent, Jan. bear hunter
Smith, Benjamin 1860 census; deeds
Smith, Burrows A. 1881 deeds; claims Sugar Pine farmer
Smith, Charles 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 23 July killed bear at Lake Eleanor
Smith, Daniel W. 1860 census; deeds clerk
Smith, David L. 1873 deeds; claims Sugar Pine farmer; Davis Flat lumberman
Smith, David S. deeds
Smith, E. H. 1877 Tuolumne Independent, 7 July with Timmons
Smith, G. J. 1864 American Eagle, 27 Aug. Davis Flat Resident
Smith, G. M. 1878 Esmeralda Herald, 2 Feb. winter crossing of Sonora Pass
Smith, John 1878 lumberman with Addiss
Smith, John 1865 US Forest Service files captain; worked for W. F. Cooper
Smith, Joseph H. 1912 Democratic Banner, 19 July died
Smith, Layton 1873 deeds Davis Flat
Smith, Luther R. deeds
Smith, Oscar 1866 claims claim on upper Tuolumne River
Smith, Richard W. deeds
Smith, Salathiel 1895 Great Register Haslam Ranch laborer
Smith, Samuel 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 16 July killed in mine blast
Smith, Sidney 1881 Directory Sonora lumberman; murder witness; flour mill
Smith, William 1871 Great Register Davis Flat mining engineer
Smith, William 1855 claims Davis Flat
Smith, William H. 1860 deeds; census butcher
Smullen, Joseph 1895 Democratic Banner, Oct. Empire Mill lumberman
Sneden, Seth Gregory 1863 Mono Co. rancher
Sneider, J. 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 10 Oct. at Leavitt Meadow
Snodgrass, William 1864 deeds; claims
Soloman, P. L. deeds
Solon, Peter 1858 Adams's book with Grizzly Adams
Soper, Thomas H. 1868 claims; deeds Mono Co.
Soper, Treadwell C. 1868 claims; deeds Mono Co.
Soulsby, Benjamin 1870 census Sugar Pine farmer; Soulsby Mine; Soulsbyville
Souza, Faustino 1888 Great Register Confidence lumberman
Speers, William H. 1860 deeds; census or Spear
Spier, Joseph 1855 newspapers Miners' Ditch
Spranger, Elizabeth 1884 Directory Sugar Pine farmer
Stanley, Charles Isaac 1879 Great Register Confidence lumberman
Stanley, Horace Martin 1881 Great Register Confidence carpenter
Staples, Charles 1856 claims Sullivan Creek
Steadman, Louis deeds S
Stearns, William 1861 newspaper judge; made delivery to Mono Co.
Sterling, John M. 1860 deeds; census
Stevens, William 1859 CA Hist. Soc. Qtrly. V. 7, p. 112 crossed mountains to Mono Co.
Stevens, George F. 1884 Directory Sugar Pine miner
Stevens, Peter 1895 deeds; cemetery records Strawberry carpenter; buried at Davis Flat
Stone, Charles L. 1860 deeds; census
Stone, Edward 1888 Great Register Confidence lumberman, cook
Stone, John N. 1863 claims claimed land at Eureka Valley
Stoner, Phil 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 27 Aug. prospect for silver at Leavitt Meadow
Stothers, John E. 1851 claims Sugar Pine
Strange, John F. 1853 claims Sugar Pine resident
Stratton, Joy Handy, 1871 Great Register worked at Excelsior Hotel
Stratton, Elizabeth 1880 census worked at Excelsior Hotel
Street, Charles Ed 1853 deeds
Street, Charles Levi 1852 census merchant with Patrick
Street, Harlow Lounds 1852 census merchant with Patrick
Street, James deeds owned water ditch
Street, P. P. 1853 claims Sugar Pine Creek
Streeter, Allen C. 1852 claims Sullivan Creek
Struthers deeds
Stuart, Jacob S. deeds
Summers, Franklin 1852 "Early Days. . " Lee Haslam's father, died in 1856
Summers, Jesse deeds
Summers, John A. 1897 deeds Sullivan Creek
Summons, Thomas deeds
Sutherland, G. W. Deeds, Bk. 16, pg. 1 owned land in Twain Harte
Sutton, Barton 1895 Great Register Hull's Meadow laborer
Swadley, W. W. 1860 deeds; census
Swan, O. M. 1896 DN, 4 Sep. murdered
Swanner, Charles C. P. deeds
Swift, A. 1863 American Flag, 20 Aug. Davis Flat resident
Swope, A. K. deeds
Sylvester deeds
Symons, Thomas F. 1895 Great Register Confidence miner
Symons, William 1880 Directory Confidence mine superintendent
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Tarbox, William S. 1852 claims Bell Meadow
Tarpey, M. F. 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 30 May, 15 Oct. cattle in Mono Co., mt. lion Leavitt Mdw.
Taylor, John 1857 claims Cold Springs claim
Teague, Peter M. 1870
Tease, Wilson M. deeds see Lease
Teed, Albert Speer 1879 Great Register Confidence carpenter
Teeters, Shelby Henry 1884 deeds Sugar Pine Creek miner
Temple, Francis P. F. deeds
Tennell, William H. 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 3 Sep. cook at Strawberry (or Tennill)
Terry, Harry 1878 Tuolumne Independent, Jan. hunter
Terry, P. Mattison deeds
Thomas, James Allen 1870 census; Great Register Confidence blacksmith
Thomas, John 1870 census Confidence mining engineer
Thomas, Walter 1870 census Confidence mining engineer
Thompson, Truman H. 1888 Great Register Confidence farmer
Thornburg, Marion 1871 Great Register Sugar Pine blacksmith
Thorp, Joseph 1888 Great Register Confidence cook
Thurman, William 1850 bear hunter
Tibbits, John 1863 Democratic Banner, 8 June 1886 snowblind in mountains
Timmons, Asa 1877 bear attack (see Simmons)
Tinkham, Zack B. 1863 claims Mono Co.
Toman, M. S. 1860 Union Democrat blew arm off fishing with blasting powder
Torole, G. A. deeds
Towne, J. 1863 American flag, 20 Aug. Sugar Pine resident
Townsend, James Madison 1895 Great Register Sugar Pine lumberman
Trask, George L. 1854 newspapers Miners' Ditch engineer
Traub, Peter 1860 newspapers Miners' Ditch protest
Traylor, W. W. 1858 claims Sullivan Creek
Trout, J. A. S. 1860 deeds; census lumberman
True, Solomon 1852 claims mountain land claim
Tucker, Warren deeds
Tulloch, David W. 1865 deeds Strawberry
Tulloch, James 1870 census millwright
Turner, James 1877 run in with Duffield
Turner, Nicholas P. 1860 deeds; census
Turner, Samuel S. 1860 deeds; census
Turner, Thomas deeds
Tuttle, Anson A. H. deeds
Tyler, Alden 1884 Tuolumne Independent, 22 Mar. Confidence, marry Martha Murry
Tyler, James deeds
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One of the best accounts of the overland migration along the California Trail is George R. Stewart's The California Trail.

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