Tuolumne County Pioneers, M - O

East of Sonora, 1850 - 1900

Tuolumne County Pioneers, 1850 - 1900

Last Names M - O

The Tuolumne County Pioneers listed here are people who lived or worked in the mountains east of Sonora, from Sullivan Creek up through Sugar Pine, Stawberry and Kennedy Meadows and on across Sonora Pass to Leavitt Meadow. Many were ranchers, lumbermen, miners, hotel keepers, freighters, travlers, or hunters. Others were involved with planning and constructing the Sonora and Mono Wagon Road.

Pioneer Names

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Mac, Paddy 1874 newspaper died on Sonora-Mono Road
Mack, Albert 1864 claims Mono Co.
Mack, Augustus 1867 Great Register Blanket Creek farmer, moved to Mono Co.
Mack, Harvey deeds
Mackey, James 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 15 Oct. Lake Lillian Resort, Mono Co.
MacKey, Joseph Downing 1873 lived at Holt-Hale Sawmill; died 1894
Macomber, Frederick S. 1852 claims (or possibly Frederick L.)
Macomber, Henry S. 1852 claims; census
Maddox, David Lee 1872 Confidence resident
Maddox, Elisha 1871 Great Register Sugar Pine miner
Maddox, George Edward 1874 Confidence resident
Maddox, Joseph 1877 Confidence resident
Maddox, Josiah 1877 Tuolumne Independent, 3 Feb. delinquent taxes at Davis Flat
Magilton, Thomas 1856 deeds; '52 census lumberman at Severence Mill
Magruder, A. 1872 claims claim on upper Stanislaus River
Mahan, Daniel 1876 Union Democrat, 23 Sep. hunter on N. Fork Tuolumne
Major, Samuel E. 1860 Tuolumne Independent, 1880 discoverer of Excelsior Mine
Mallory, John Frederick 1853 claims Confidence Mine
Malony, John 1852 claims Confidence Mine
Mann, Daniel Lewis 1877 newspaper Oakdale, bear hunter
Manning, George 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 7 Mar. doctor, died in San Francisco
Mansfield, J. 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library Tuol. Co. Water Co. employee
Mansfield, William 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library Tuol. Co. Water Co. employee
Margo, Alexander deeds
Markley, Rice Moulton 1867 Great Register, 1871 stage driver
Marrit, J. T. 1870 Union Democrat, 25 June died in Sugar Pine
Marshall 1858 Miner's Ditch; Sugar Pine resident
Marshall, John 1885 newspaper delivered fruit via Mono Road
Marsten, E. W. 1864 Tuolumne Courier, 6 Aug. worked on road to Columbia
Marston, B. O. 1864 Union Democrat, 10 Oct. first to cross Mono Road
Marten, William 1850 Tuolumne Independent, 19 May 1877. discovered Lake Eleanor
Martin, Alfred 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 8 Jan. winter trip over Mono Road
Martin, George 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 8 Jan. winter trip over Mono Road
Martin, Green T. 1854 claims; deeds judge; president of Hydaulic Water Co.
Mason, Leander 1870 census mining engineer at Davis Flat
Mason, N. H. A. 1870 deeds; claims Mason Valley, NV
Mathenson, P. 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library Tuol. Co. Water Co. employee
Mattison, M. J. 1880 Union Democrat, May Nevada Stage Line
May, Martha A. 1885 census Confidence hotel keeper
May, Thomas 1886 Tuolumne Independent, 16 Mar. uncle of W. H. Hocking; Sugar Pine Hotel
Mayers, James H. 1884 Directory Sugar Pine farmer
Mayers, William 1884 Directory Sugar Pine butcher
Mayes, J. H. 1883 Tuolumne Independent, 8 Sep. wife died (Mayers?)
Mayes, Laura M. 1883 Tuolumne Independent, 8 Sep. died at Sugar Pine (Mayers?)
McArdle, Michael 1865 newspaper Sonora-Mono Road
McAuley, Daniel 1871 Great Register farmer at Severence's old mill (see McCauley)
McBeth 1883 Tuolumne Independent, 12 May; 8 Dec. teamster; rescuer at Lake Eleanor
McCabe, Philip 1852 claims Confidence Mine
McCarthy 1870 newspaper ran saddle train on Mono Road
McCarthy, Daniel O. 1852 Tuolumne Courier; census ran livery stable in Sonora
McCarty, James 1868 deeds; Great Register, '71 Sugar Pine shinglemaker; Tuol. River claim
McCauley, Daniel 1870 census Sugar Pine farmer (see McAuley)
McComb, Montgomery 1878 with Wheeler survey team
McCormick, Daniel 1871 Union Democrat, 9 Dec. with man lost in mountains
McCormick, M. 1906 deeds land at Eagle Meadow; cattleman
McCoy, O. C. 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library Tuol. Co. Water Co. employee
McCullough, W. E. 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library Tuol. Co. Water Co. employee
McDonald, A. M. 1897 Democratic Banner, May superintendent of Confidence Mine
McDonald, John 1860 deeds; claims Strawberry resident
McDonald, John W. 1880 census Sugar Pine laborer
McDonnell, A. 1880 census lumberman at Carter's Mill
McFadden, John 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 11 July drove cattle to mountains, died
McFall, Captain 1853 newspapers relief party on emigrant trail
McFarlane, James F. 1864 claims claim on upper Stanislaus River
McGath, Jesse 1864 claims Mono Co.
McGinnis 1862 Stockton Daily Independent, 29 Apr. on road survey with Alexander
McGruder, A. 1872 claims claim at site of Relief Reservoir
McGuire, David R. 1895 Great Register Sugar Pine laborer
McGuirk, Charles Francis 1857 Miner's Ditch; Tuol. Co. Water Co.
McGuirk, M. 1864 American Eagle, 21 Mar. Sugar Pine resident
McIntire, W. J. 1860 newspaper Miner's Ditch protest
McIver, Daniel 1864 claims claim on upper Stanislaus River
McKenna, James P. 1864 Uniontown resident
McKinney, Martin 1873 Great Register Confidence lumberman
McKinney, William 1884 Directory Sugar Pine miner
McLaughlin, Edward 1899 cemetery records buried at Davis Flat
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McLean, D. 1876 newspaper ran Sonora to Mono stage company
McLean, J. S. 1853 newspapers emigrant trail relief party
McLeod, W. K. 1881 newspapers superintendent Tuol. Co. Water Co.
McMillan, Hugh 1896 DN, 4 Sep. last one to see Swan
McNamara, Patrick 1864 newspaper lost at Strawberry.
McPherson, M. 1860 newspaper Miner's Ditch protest
McQuade, George newspapers sheriff
McQuarry, James 1853 deeds Sugar Pine lumberman
McWhorter, J. A. 1860 newspaper Miner's Ditch protest
Meadow, Kie Hezzekiah 1895 Great Register Hiatville miner
Meadows, Thomas 1872 Union Democrat, 6 July Davis Flat laborer; froze in mts.
Medlicott, H. P. 1877 packer for Wheeler survey team
Menendez 1883 Tuolumne Independent, 9 June ran Phoenix Lake concession
Meredith, William C. 1861 Tuolumne Courier, June crossed Sierra via new pass
Meridith, Thomas 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library Tuol. Co. Water Co. employee
Merrill, Samuel 1860 claims; deeds claim on Tuolumne River; Merrill Springs
Merrill, Simeon B. 1853 newspaper killed on Ice Road
Merritt, Amos Edger 1871 Great Register Sugar Pine laborer
Meuli, George 1890 Union Democrat, 31 May Sugar Pine farmer, died
Meyer, William 1893 deeds Sugar Pine resident
Mies, Joseph 1895 Great Register Confidence laborer
Mikey, E. 1880 census lumberman at Carter's Mill
Mill, Isaac 1883 Tuolumne Independent, 15 Sep. driver for S. S. Bradford, lumberman
Millen, W. E. 1854 newspaper Miner's Ditch committee
Miller, Ed 1883 Tuolumne Independent, 21 July youth camper, accident shot self
Miller, Isaac 1883 Tuolumne Independent, 10 Aug. teamster at Hale's lumber mill
Miller, Israel B. 1895 Great Register Sugar Pine teamster
Miller, James L. 1877 Great Register hotel keeper, Confidence
Miller, Leander 1870 stage driver
Miller, Solomon M. 1878 newspaper fisherman on Walker River; expressman
Miller, T. Oxley 1884 Tuolumne Independent, 16 Aug. Stockton artist
Millins, Samuel 1870 census
Mills, A. 1876 Union Democrat, 17 June teamster
Mills, George 1870 census lumberman
Mills, Gideon Foster 1880 at Baker Station
Mills, James W. 1884 Tuolumne Independent, 2 Aug. teamster for S. S. Bradford, lumberman
Mitton, M. 1856 claims Confidence Mine
Moffitt, James K. 1905 claims Kennedy Meadow
Monohan, John 1865 newspaper Mono Road; operated stable in Sonora
Montgomery, Thomas 1888 Tuolumne Independent, 30 June found bear cubs with Fahey
Moody, Kenneth 1875 deeds Centre Mill
Moody, M. M. 1852 Claims, Bk. 7, Pg. 143 with Septimus Williams at Woods Cr.
Moody, Murdock B. 1876 newspaper delivered ice with Doten
Moore, Johnnie 1881 newspaper teamster, crashed
Moos, Miss 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 22 Aug. cook at Baker Station
Moran, John 1858 Union Democrat, 4 Dec. fight at Davis Flat
Morris, H. George 1895 Great Register Sugar Pine laborer
Morris, William 1880 Union Democrat, 30 Oct. hunter; stage driver
Morrison, John deeds
Morse, M. H. 1864 American Eagle, 21 Mar. Sugar Pine resident
Morse, David B. deeds
Mosier, Oscar Lewis 1878 Union Democrat, 28 Dec. logging teamster
Moss, George W. 1888 Great Register Confidence farmer
Moss, Hiram W. 1854 claims Sugar Pine resident
Moss, John 1877 Great register Sugar Pine laborer
Mott, Simon H. 1870 stage driver
Moulton, 1860 newspaper Miner's Ditch
Moulton, Alvah D. 1852 claims Sullivan Creek
Moulton, Benjamin F. 1854 Sugar Pine lumberman, mill owner
Moulton, James B. 1852 claims Sullivan Creek
Moulton, Vanessa D. 1857 claims; deeds Severence Mill; teamster
Mudget 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 11 Aug. worked at Hale's lumber mill
Mulford, Prentice 1860 newspapers wintered at Eureka Valley
Munson, P. 1863 claims Mono Co.
Murnan, Frank T. 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 16 July 4th July celebration at Confidence
Murphy, George 1892 Democratic Banner, 23 Dec. rescued horses in mountains
Murphy, John L. 1853 deeds bought Jarboe Ranch
Murphy, Samuel S. 1855 claims upper Tuolumne River
Murphy, Simon 1853 with Duckwall party
Murray, Abner Confidence resident
Murray, George 1895 Great Register Sugar Pine laborer
Murray, Mary Ann Seeley Confidence resident
Murray, Polly W. 1883 cemetery records wife of Joseph D. MacKey
Myer, William 1896 Democratic Banner, 16 June butcher; worked on Sonora-Mono Road
Myers, George 1852 claims mountain ranch
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Nash, Warren 1856 claims Sugar Pine resident
Nelson, H. A. S. deeds
Nelson, William O. 1935 deeds owned Dardanelle Resort
Newell, L. W. 1857 claims Sugar Pine Creek
Nichols, Ezra 1866 claims upper Tuolumne River
Nichols, Richard S. 1884 Directory Sugar Pine miner
Nicholson, Donald 1853 deeds Sugar Pine lumberman
Nicol, Frank 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 3 Sep. delivered fruit to Bodie with F. Vassalo
Noble, William 1871 Great Register Mono Road farmer
Noles, Ashbury F. 1864 claims upper Stanislaus River
Northey 1865 claims Mountain House, Yankee Hill
Northrup, Thomas Josiah 1862 deeds; newspapers ran Excelsior Hotel in Sugar Pine
Norton, Philander 1888 Great Register millman at Confidence
Noyes, Charles G. 1855 claims Middle Camp
Nye, Asa 1860 deeds; census
Nye, Frances deeds
Nye, Peter 1863 newspaper sawmill; ran pack animals
O'Neil, Philip 1852 census Leland Mdws.
Oaks 1866 Sonora Herald, 10 Nov. Hot Springs
Oliver, David 1888 Tuolumne Independent, 25 Aug. frequent mountain camper
Oliver, D. R. 1887 deeds Sugar Pine Creek
Oliver, Joseph 1883 Tuolumne Independent, 27 Oct. Confidence resident
Olson, John 1860 claims upper Tuolumne River
Oneta, Joseph 1896 Democratic Banner, 19 June worked at Bradford's sawmill
Oneta, John deeds
Ormsby, Erastus 1853 claims Sugar Pine resident
Osgood, E. H. 1872 Deeds, Bk. 16 Pg. 590 had house at Long Barn
Owen, Francis W. 1895 Great Register Hale's Mill laborer
Owen, James K. 1864 American Eagle, 3 Mar. superintendent of Excelsior Mine
Owens, J. R. 1870 census Confidence millwright
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