Tuolumne County Pioneers, C - D

East of Sonora, 1850 - 1900

Tuolumne County Pioneers, 1850 - 1900

Last Names C - D

The Tuolumne County Pioneers listed here are people who lived or worked in the mountains east of Sonora, from Sullivan Creek up through Sugar Pine, Stawberry and Kennedy Meadows and on across Sonora Pass to Leavitt Meadow. Many were ranchers, lumbermen, miners, hotel keepers, freighters, travlers, or hunters.Others were involved with planning and constructing the Sonora and Mono Wagon Road.

Pioneer Names

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Calahan, Thomas H. 1852 deeds; claims Sullivan Creek resident
Calder, James deeds Calder Ranch near Confidence
Calder, William W.1864 deeds Calder Ranch near Confidence
Calderwood, Alexander 1859 newspapers Donnell Indian fight; water company
Caldwell, Albert 1888 Democratic Banner, 7 Sept. had hogs at Rushing Ranch
Caldwell, John 1870 Great Register; CHISPA, pg. 378 Sugar Pine resident, "chopper"
Caldwell, Robery1858 deeds Turnback Creek mine
Callender, Stephen B. 1855 deeds; claims Sullivan Creek resident
Callers, James 1870 census Sullivan Creek farmer
Cameron, John B. 1863 Great Register, TCHS Qtrly, Sept. '67 packed over trail to Mono Co.
Campbell, Bruce deeds
Campbell, James deeds
Campbell, Stephen 1896 Democratic Banner, 19 June killed in Sugar Pine mine
Cardwell, William 1849 G. W. Trahern autobiography with Trahern
Carlyon, Edward 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 8 Jan. winter trip over Mono Rd.
Carne, Edwin 1881 Directory Soulsbyville mining engineer
Carne, John 1873 Great Register Confidence miner
Carne, William 1884 Directory miner
Carpenter, William H. 1888 Great Register Confidence blacksmith
Carrell, Edward B. 1860 San Joaquin Historian, Oct. '73 met Trahern
Carrol, Patrick 1883 Tuolumne Independent, 27, Oct. lived near Phoenix Lake
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Carroll, William A.1858 deeds Turnback Creek mine
Carter, Charles Harvey 1884 Tuolumne Independent, 26 July travel Sonora-Mono Rd.
Carter, Hiram M. 1864 deeds; claims claim on Mono Rd.
Carter, John Beach 1888 Great Register Confidence lumberman
Carter, Solomon 1860 newspapers packer to Mono Co.
Cartwright, James L. 1858 Union Democrat, 4 Dec. mountain resident, involved in fight
Carty, J. 1867 Union Democrat, 6 April Sugar Pine Democrat
Cassidy, Thomas B. 1884 deeds
Catlin, Brown F. 1860 deeds ditch tender
Cavis, Joseph Mills 1859 newspapers judge, traveled emigrant trail
Chadsey, Benjamin 1866 deeds Sugar Pine resident
Chamberlain, William Hoyt 1888 Great Register, deeds Confidence lumberman
Chambers, Thomas J. A. deeds
Chapin, Edwin R. 1863 Tuolumne Courier, 31 Oct. discovered Monitor Mine
Chapman, Caroline J. Confidence resident; wife of John
Chapman, T. J. 1853 Sugar Pine lumberman
Chapman, John 1900 cemetery records miner, buried at Davis Flat
Charter, John Oscar 1898 cemetery records buried at Davis Flat
Chelsey, Thomas H. 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library worked for Tuol. Co. Water Co.
Childs, Doty 1877 Union Democrat, 17 Nov. (name may be George) attacked by mt. lion
Chipman, F. N. 1864 deeds; claims claim on upper Stanislaus River
Church, Charles H. 1855 deeds; claims Sugar Pine resident
Chute, Richard 1884 deeds; Directory superintendent of Lamphier Mine, Confidence
Cilley, W. H. deeds
Clapp, George W. deeds
Clapp, Isaac J. 1852 deeds; claims Middle Camp resident
Clark, George Warren 1873 Great Register Sugar Pine lumberman
Clark, George 1883 Tuolumne Independent, 19 May worked in Green Mine, Sugar Pine
Clark, G. W. 1871 Union Democrat, 16 Dec. hunted bears with Williams
Clark, Jonas G.1857 deeds; claims SF merchant; Hydraulic Water Co.
Clark, L. P. 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library Tuol. Co. Water Co. employee
Clark, Terrence 1866 Great Register Phoenix lake ranch
Clark, William Alexander 1863 newspapers Mono Rd. Commissioner
Clawson, William A. deeds
Coats, Jessi 1870 census Sugar Pine farmer
Cobb 1863 Tuolumne Independent, 26 July ran pack animals over Mono Rd.
Coe, John 1857 deeds; claim Bk 2 pg. 656 Bennett's Mill; Severence Mill
Coffran, C. H. 1863 American Flag, 20 Aug. Cow Creek resident
Cole, Asa 1866 Union Democrat, 7 July had ranch on Sugar Pine Creek
Cole, Henry Charles deeds
Collier, William G. 1855 deeds; claims claim at Davis Flat
Colt, Edwin W. 1857 deeds; claims Sugar Pine Creek
Colton, William F. 1863 deeds; claims claim land on upper Stanislaus River
Colwell, John 1897 cemetery records buried at Davis Flat, age 76 (see Caldwell)
Colwer, Uriah S. deeds
Compton, John 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 6 Aug. ranch on Mono Rd.
Comstock, Chester 1852 claims Sugar Pine farmer
Condon, William 1873 Great Register work on ditch at Big Reservoir
Conig, T. J. 1856 deeds; claims Confidence Mine
Conlan, John 1895 Democratic Banner Hale's Mill
Conley, John 1889 Tuolumne Independent, 10 Aug. Hale's Mill worker
Conlin, George F. 1906 Tuolumne Independent, 26 July Strawberry Hotel owner
Connally, George B. 1880 Whipple-Haslam's "Early Days. ." hunter
Cook, Francis D. 1877 Union Democrat, 6 Oct. drowned in mountains
Cook, Frank 1877 Tuolumne Independent, 14 Feb. work for TC Water Co.; timberman, Empire Mill
Cooper, William F. 1860 newspapers Cooper Mdw; Rock Creek Ranch, Stanislaus Co.
Cooper, William S. 1860 newspapers survey Sonora-Mono Road
Cornell, Alonzo 1856 deeds, bk. 5, pg. 359 Goodrich & Provost Ranch
Coulson, John 1853 claims, bk. 7, pg. 437 Sugar Pine Creek resident
Courreges, Roch 1863 deeds; claims claim on upper Stanislaus River
Courtwright, Isaac 1877 Tuolumne Independent, Nov. hunter
Covert, Enoch 1852 deeds; claims claim on Curtis Creek
Covey, Joseph 1894 great register stock raiser in the mountains
Covilla, Jose 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 10, Oct. at Leavitt Meadow
Cowan, Isaac
Cowan, Oliver 1860 deeds; 1881 Directory claimed land at Davis Flat
Cowden, William D. 1914 great register Confidence farmer
Cowie, John 1868 deeds; claims Uniontown resident
Cowles, Floyd R. 1865 Excelsior Mine, Sugar Pine
Cox, George deeds
Cox, Mallie1921 Union Democrat, 11 June expert Indian blanket maker; died
Cox, M. A. 1921 Union Democrat, 11 June husband of Mallie Cox
Crabtree, Ebenezer Foster1877 great register had stock at Strawberry Flat
Crabtree, Mark Trafton 1871 great register lumberman at Bradford's Mill
Craig, James M. 1860 deeds; census miner
Cranston, Alstead Eldred 1864 deeds; claims; great register ranch on Sullivan Creek
Crawford, George Albert 1867 deeds; claims Davis Flat sawyer
Crawford, George Washinton 1867 deeds; census lumber mill at Davis Flat
Crawford, Henry Allen 1873 great register teamster in Sugar Pine
Credford, Joseph 1853 claims, bk. 7, pg. 308 south fork Sullivan Cr.
Creyton, George 1857 deeds, bk. 7, pg. 134 Turnback Creek land
Crocker, Thomas 1873 great register Confidence miner
Crosby, John 1859 deeds, bk. 8 , pg. 291 Turnback Creek Water Co.
Crough, Thomas 1893 Union Democrat, 6 May work at Empire Mill
Crowell, Calvin 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library Tuol. Co. Water Co. employee
Crowell, H. L. 1875 newspapers lost in mountains
Crowell, Isabella C. 1875 newspapers wife of H. L. Crowell
Crystal, John Henry 1873 Great Register blacksmith at Confidence
Cubberly, E. B. deeds
Cullers, Francis Clinton 1867 Union Democrat, 6 July Sugar Pine Democrat
Custer, John 1863 Huntington Library Tuol. Co. Water Co. employee
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Daeger, William 1864 American Eage, 3 March ran Excelsior Mine
Dallas, William 1882 Tuolumne Independent, 2 Sept. camped at Strawberry
Dambacker, John Henry 1877 Great Register Sugar Pine laborer
Danton deeds
Darden 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 27 Aug. claim with Lane at Leavitt Mdw.
Daughette, William A.1860 deeds; claims Sugar Pine, Tuolumne Riv. claim
Daveling, LaRose 1860 see "Theophilus Daveluy"
Daveluy, Adolphe 1873 Great Register Confidence merchant
Daveluy, Avila 1874 niece of Charles T.
Daveluy, Charles Theophile 1897 cemetery records buried at Davis Flat, age 87
Daveluy, Frederick J. 1888 Great Register Confidence music teacher
Daveluy, Theophilus 1860 newspapers; deeds Confidence resident, see Charles Theophile
Davenport, James H. 1856 deeds; claims Sugar Pine resident
Davenport, Rufus 1856 deeds; claims Sugar Pine resident
Davidson, C. P. 1852 deeds; claims, Bk. 7, pg. 85 Confidence Mine
Davidson, Donald1862 deeds Platt Ranch
Davidson, John 1852 dees; claims Confidence Mine
Davis, C. W. 1880 travel Sonora-Mono Rd.
Davis, Elijah L. 1865 deeds; claims Davis Flat resident
Davis, Erwin 1859 newspapers foreclosed on miner's water co.
Davis, John A. 1880 Union Democrat, May operated Confidence Mine
Davis John A. 1862 Union Democrat, 27 Dec. killed by D. O. McCarthy
Davis, O. S. 1855 deeds; claims Davis Flat resident
Davis, O. L. 1852 claims, bk. 7, pg. 243 head of TCWCo. ditch
Davis, R. S. 1912 ran Sugar Pine Hotel
Dawson, H. C. 1856 deeds; claims Confidence Mine
Dawson, H. W. 1856 deeds; claims Confidence Mine
Dawson, Henry A. 1855 Tuolumne Independent, 1 Jan. 1872 Confidence Mine
Dayton, Ransom 1861 Sullivan Creek lumberman
Decker, Wallace H. 1852 claims, bk. 7, pg. 118 claim on Turnback Creek
Deguire, Francis P. 1852 claims, bk. 7, pg. 32claim on Sullivan Creek
Delany, Thomas G. 1858 deeds, bk. 7, pg. 463 Grover & Pierce sawmill, Sullivan Cr.
Dennis, Warren H. 1888 Great Register Confidence teamster
Dennison, John K. 1863 claims claim in Eureka Valley
Dennison, William H. H. deeds
DeNoon, Hugh 1853 deeds Sugar Pine lumberman
DeNoon, Robert 1853 deeds Sugar Pine lumberman
Dentone, Guiseppi 1894 great register farmer on Comstock Ranch
DeWitt, Everett D. 1894 great register engineer at Empire Mill
Dikeman, D. S. deeds
Dillingham, H. E. 1859 newspapers attempt reclaim miner's ditch
Doane, Joseph H. Stanislaus Co. Hist., '81, pg. 204
Dobbie, Alexander Malcom 1858 newspapers Tuol. Co. Water Co.
Dodge, Charles F. 1854 deeds; claims claim on Sullivan Creek
Dodge, Henry 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 23 July chased by bear at Lake Elenor
Dodge, Samuel 1853 deeds Sugar Pine lumberman CENTER>
Dodge, Theophilus 1854 deeds; claims Sullivan Creek
Dodson, John Washington 1871 Great Register Confidence farmer
Doeg, James 1853 claims, bk. 7, pg. 381 claim 23 miles from Sonora
Doland, Mark1894 great register Confidence herder
Domo, Major 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 15 Oct. mt. lion at Leavitt Mdw.
Doney, Loring1862 deeds Platt Ranch
Donnell, Henry 1861 newspaper cross mts. with Tinkham
Donnell, William H. 1856 deeds; newspapers Donnell Flat sawmill
Donohue, Owen 1862 Sugar Pine resident
Dooly, John 1863 deeds; claims Davis Flat butcher
Dorsey, G. Y. 1860 deeds, census carpenter; Bailey Sawmill
Doten, Frank B. 1863 deeds; claims Sugar Pine resident
Doughman, Jacob deeds
Douglas, Mace 1853 newspaper trading post for emigrants
Douglass, Henry A. 1872 Eureka Valley resident
Dow, N. F. 1877 packer with Wheeler Survey team
Dowdell, Isaac 1856 deeds; claims Centre Mill lumberman
Downing, William R. 1877 Tuolumne Independent, 30 June Confidence resident
Doyle, Catherine 1880 census work at Harm's Hotel, Confidence
Doyle, John 1879 newspaper almost froze in mts.
Drake, Eugene B. 1852 claims, bk. 7, pg. 118 claim on Turnback Creek
Drew, Warren S. 1881 newspaper killed on Sonora-Mono Rd.
Dryer, Thomas B. 1852 claims head of TCWCo. flume
Duchow, George W. 1881 Directory Sugar Pine tinsmith
Duffield, Milton B 1855 claims; newspapers Sugar Pine resident; Arizona marshal
Dunbar, L. G. S. 1869 deeds, bk. 15, pg. 616 owned Wright's Ranch
Duncan, Archibald H. 1860 deeds Sugar Pine
Duncan, Jacob 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library Tuol. Co. Water Co. employee
Duncan, Robert 1894 great register Confidence laborer
Duncan, Thomas M. 1853 claims Sugar Pine resident
Dunn, A. G. deeds
Dunn, Elizabeth Jane deeds
Dunn, George W. deeds
Dunton, Charles C. 1905 deeds Merrill Springs
Dunton, Timothy C. 1887 deeds; claims Sugar Pine Creek resident
Durgan, E. 1877 Union Democrat, 28 July lost with Hartwig in mts.
Durgan, Lillian L. 1888 Tuolumne Independent, 25 Aug. died in Sugar Pine, age 15
Durham, John H. 1895 Democratic Banner, 30 Sept. walked over Sonora-Mono Rd.
Dutch, Fred 1874 Tuolumne Independent, 18 May Sugar Pine miner
Dyer, James Alexander 1879 Great Register Sugar Pine farmer
Dyer, Manly 1858 deeds; claims Confidence tinner
Dyke, James 1878 Esmeralda Herald, 22 June Bodie stage driver
Dyson, Robert 1858 deeds, bk. 7, pg. 528 Trinity Mine, Turnback Creek
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