Tuolumne County Pioneers, A - B

East of Sonora, 1850 - 1900

Tuolumne County Pioneers, 1850 - 1900

Last Names A - B

The Tuolumne County Pioneers listed here are people who lived or worked in the mountains east of Sonora, from Sullivan Creek up through Sugar Pine, Stawberry and Kennedy Meadows and on across Sonora Pass to Leavitt Meadow. Many were ranchers, lumbermen, miners, hotel keepers, freighters, travlers, or hunters.Others were involved with planning and constructing the Sonora and Mono Wagon Road.

Pioneer Names

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Austin Abbott1858deedsland claim at Twain Harte
Guy Abbottwith Duffield
Charles Acker 1890 Democratic Banner, 18 July drove lumber from Empire Mill
A. F. Adams1860deeds; claimsland claim at Centre Mill
Amos Prescott Adams1877Great Registerfrom Maine, lumberman, Centre Mill
Benjamin Franklin Addis1860censusshingle maker
Jacob Addis1860censusshingle maker
Jacob Robert Addis1877great registerlumberman, Sugar Pine
David Ahern1863Huntington LibraryTC Water Co.; miner
Calvin Aiken1860deeds; claimsSullivan Creek
John Aiken1860deeds; claimsSullivan Creek
Thomas Ainsley1879great registerminer: Sonora, Confidence
Joseph Alderman1855claims; censusSullivan Creek (Twain Harte)
John Alexander1860census; newspapersurveyor
Ethan Allen?deeds
James Allen1852censusPalmer & Allen, Knights Ferry; Sonora-Mono Road
L. H. Allen 1855deeds; claimsDavis Flat
Marian Amaral 1890 Union Democrat, 30 Aug. killed unloading logs; see "Armaral"
Hiram Amsbaugh1860
James M. Andersondeeds
John S. Anderson1871newspapermurdered on the Sonora-Mono Rd.
Mitchell Anderson1853deeds;claimsSugar Pine Creek
Bart Andre1870deeds; claimsSugar Pine resident
Ansel Hatch Annis1877great registerSugar Pine farmer; Aurora, NV, 1862
Solomon Annis?deeds
Henry Antes1856deeds; claimsSugar Pine Creek
Benjamin Franklin Appleby1873great registerSugar Pine farmer
Marianno Armaral 1890 Democratic Banner, 29 Aug. killed at Empire Mill; see "Amaral"
William Armitage1860censuswith Passeron at Confidence
John D. Arnold1856deeds; claimsSugar Pine Creek; Jamestown miner
E. H. Asgood 1870censuslumberman with John B. Carter at Confidence
G. R. Avary1852deeds; claimsConfidence Mine
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Asa Bacon1881Tuolumne Independent, 17 Sept. ran Ohio Mine
P. B. Bacon1881Tuolumne Independent, 17 Sept.ran Ohio Mine
John Bagaman1858deeds; claimsSugar Pine Creek
James M. Bailey deeds
William S. Baileydeeds
Daniel S. Baker 1856deeds
Greenbury Columbus Baker1880 newspaper; deeds Sonora-Mono Road
Isaac Baker 1856 d deeds; claims Sugar Pine Creek
W. E. Baker 1896Democratic Banner, Dec. Sugar Pine resident
William Baker1860 censuslumberman with John B. Carter, Confidence
William Newton Baker1873great registerstockman at Sugar Pine
Wisner Baldwin 1871great registermining engineer
Stephen F. Ball18841884 DirectorySugar Pine farmer
Eugene A. Bancroft 1853deeds Sugar Pine Lumber Co.
William Barbeire 1877great registerSugar Pine farmer
Harry Barden1912Democratic Banner, 13 Sept.merchant at Baker Station
Isaac Barker1853deeds Sugar Pine lumberman
Tod Barnwell 1883Tuolumne Independent, 21 Julywith Ed Miller when accidentally shot
Henry Stevens Barrett 1870censusfarmer, Sugar Pine
Joseph Barron1897Democratic Banner, Mayforeman at Confidence Mine
William Henry Barron1871great registerConfidence merchant
W. H. Barry 1862Union Democrat, 22 Nov.reported Indian killing
George Barter1866deeds; Tuolumne Independent, 15 Sept.1883Davis Flat; Confidence farmer
Walter Barth1893Democratic Banner, 10 Nov.murder suspect
E. P. Bascom. 1856deeds; claimsSugar Pine resident
Henry S. Bassett 1880censusConfidence resident
Henry Bateman 1870censuscook at Baxter's Hotel, Confidence
Nick Bauli 1870censustraveled Sonora-Mono Rd.
David F. Baxter 1865newspaperhotel at Confidence
Whitlow Bayley1878Tuolumne Independent, 28 Dec.blacksmith, hunted in mts. with Teeters
Thomas Beachdeeds
Warren Lee Beale1897Democratic Banner, 5 Feb.resident of Long Barn, Sugar Pine, Confidence
O. L. Beamis 1865newspaperstage agent, Sonora
Fayette Beardsley1888great register; 1884 DirectorySugar Pine farmer
C. Beck1880 owned mine near summit of mts.
Louis Beck 1870censusSugar Pine butcher
Professor Beck 1881Tuolumne Independent, 14 Mayprospector in Leavitt Mdw.
Sarah Beck1881 Tuolumne Independent, 14 May with Prof. Beck at Leavitt Mdw.
Thomas Beckdeeds
J. B. Beersdeeds
William G. Bell 1860deeds/claimsSugar Pine resident
Josh Benadum 1880Early Days in Calif., Whipple-Haslamkilled grizzly
Bennett 1860Columbia Times, 4 Aug.lost in mountains
Albert Bennetdeeds
H. C. Bennett 1862American Flag, 18 Dec.Excelsior Mine
Henry A. Bennettdeeds
Joseph H. Bennett 1853deeds/claimsBennett Mill
S. N. Bennett1880censuslumberman with J.B. Carter
William C. Bennett1853deeds/claimsBennett Mill
D. Bentley 1863American Flag, 28 Jan.Davis Flat resident
J. A. Bentz1865Union Democrat, 28 Jan.froze on Deadman Cr.
Berenia 1863Huntington LibraryTuol. Co. Water Co. worker
Daniel W. Berger 1925Union Democrat, 19 Dec.owned pasture land at Bourland Mdw.
Berline 1854Union Democrat, 19 Aug.at Strawberry Flat
Flor Berrante1864IRS recordsSullivan Creek resident
John Berry1872Tuol. Co. Hist. Society filesStrawberry Resort
Charles Bert1884Tuolumne Independent, 26 Julytrip over Sonora-Mono Rd.
D. M. Bigelow1862deeds/claimsSugar Pine resident; also Aurora NV
Bill, (Indian) 1881Tuolumne Independent, 26 July accused of murdering George Scammel
William Binersdeeds
Solon Bingham 1852 deeds; claims Sullivan Creek
William G. Bingham 1888 great register Confidence farmer
Byron B. Bird 1864 deeds; claims Mono County
Frank Birk 1859 newspaper Donnell Flat Indian fight
C. P. Bivens 1854 deeds Sullivan Creek
Antone Bixel 1859 claims at Eureka Valley
Arthur Leonard Bixel 1880 at Baker Station
A. B. Black 1859 CA Hist.Soc. Qtrly, v. 7 p. 112 crossed mts. to Mono Co.
William Blair 1858 Union Democrat, 4 Dec. Donnell Flat Indian fight; fight at Davis Flat
Oscar Blair 1878 Union Democrat worked on Sonora-Mono Road
John L. Blood 1853 deeds Sugar Pine lumberman
John F. Bluett 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 3 Sept. fish with giant powder, Lyons Res.
Alexis Bocket 1877 Wheeler Survey records cook on Wheeler survey
Joseph Bohler 1881 deeds; Tuol. Independent, 3 Sept. claim at Cow Creek; owns Willis Ranch
B. B. Boland 1884 Tuolumne Independent, 26 July travel Sonora-Mono Rd.
Bolela, (Indian) 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 5 March murder suspect at Cherokee
John W. Bolin 1900 Confidence
Dick Bolter 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 27 Aug. work for Hale; chased by grizzly
Chris Bone 1881 Sugar Pine Directory lumberman
Juliz Boneville 1852 Tuol. Co. Water Co., Huntington Library killed
Frank Boone 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 15 Oct. grandson of Dan Boone; mt. lion Leavitt Mdw.
Ella Booth 1854 Union Democrat, 26 Mar 1921 cattle business, Confidence
Mary E. Booth 1854 Union Democrat, 26 Mar 1921 cattle business, Confidence
Isaac S. Bostick 18852 deeds; claims Sullivan Cr. resident
Charles Bovey 1870 census; great register ('73) Sugar Pine resident; miner, Confidence
George Bowen 1884 1884 Sugar Pine Directory Sugar Pine miner
Bowman 1861 Union Democrat ran express from Aurora to Tuolumne
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William Bowers 1877 Union Democrat, 17 Nov. hunter
Hiram Boyce 1873 great register laborer at Baxter's
Jemina Boyce 1861 deeds; claims Strawberry resident
William A. Boyce 1861 deeds;claims Strawberry resident
John Boyd 1863 American Flag, 20 Aug. Strawberry resident
Robert Boyd 1885 newspapers ran stage over Mono Rd.
Benjamin Boyd 1885 newspapers ran stage over Mono Rd.
Ambrose Boyle 1886 deeds;claims; '81 directory Sugar Pine resident; saloon keeper
George P. Boyle 1889 Democratic Banner, 24 May Confidence miner
Mike Boyle 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 10 Oct. at Leavitt Meadow
Terrence Bradagin deeds
A. G. Bradbury 1864 Union Democrat granted Sonora-Mono Road franchise
Arthur Bradbury 1862 Union Democrat travel Sonora-Mono Road
Bose Branch 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 15 Oct. mt. lion at Leavitt Mdw.
E. F. Branch 1882 Tuolumne Independent, 9 Sept. & 22 Aug. 1885 bear hunter
George W. Branch 1872 claims claim land near Relief
Samuel S. Bradford 1880 newspapers lumberman
Lyman H. Brannock 1863 newspapers search route for Mono Rd.
Albert P. Brayton deeds
John Brazee 1856 Business Men's Directory lumberman; American Mill
Nicholas B. Briant 1852 deeds; claims Sullivan Creek
Brickman 1861 Tuolumne Courier, 13 July pack train over mts.
T. D. Bridger 1862 deeds; claims claim land at Sugar Pine
Harvey Briggs 1868 deeds; claims Sugar Pine Creek resident
James Hamilton Briggs 1868 deeds; claims Sugar Pine Creek resident
Frederick A. Brightman 1860 deeds; claims lived on Mono Rd.
G. W. Brightman 1860 deeds; claims lived on Mono Rd.
Richard Broderick 1863 Union Democrat, 22 Aug. killed by tree fall on Mono Rd.
Brodigan 1885 Tuolumne Independent, 31 Oct. attempted robbery, Strawberry
Peter P. Bronk 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library Tuol. Co. Water Co. employee
Michael W. Brooks 1869 Deeds, Vo.15, p. 616 Wright's Ranch
R. Brooks 1877 Tuolumne Independent, 3 Feb. delinquent taxes, Sullivan Cr.
Eliha Brown deeds
F. A. Brown 1856 Deeds; claims Confidence Mine
F. C. Brown deeds
Horace W. Brown 1864 American Flag, 27 Aug. Strawberry resident
James H. Brown 1856 deeds Centre Mill (Twain Harte)
J. C. Brown deeds
J. L. R. Brown 1853 owned land near Strawberry
John L. Brown 1853 deeds Sugar Pine lumberman
S. J. Brown 1870 census engineer at Confidence Mine
William A. Brown 1870 census engineer at Confidence Mine
William T. Browne 1855 Stockton Daily Independent, 18 April 1862 Lyons Res.; survey Mono Rd. route with Alexander
Henry Bradley Browne 1855 1884 Directory Brown, Way and Bradford; lumbermen
Maruice Browne 1919 Assemblyman
James A. Bruce 1889 Democratic Banner, 26 July at Bourland's Meadow
Martin Bruce 1862 Union Democrat, 22 Nov. killed by Indians at Bell Mdw.
Chester R. Brumley deeds
Thomas C. Brunton 1857 deeds; claims Hydraulic Water Co.
Amasa Foster Bryant 1860 deeds land in mts; later Bridgeport
C. A. Buck 1856 Business Men's Directory took Daguerre pictures
E. R. Buck 1860 census lumberman for Carter
S. M. Buck 1860 census lumberman for Carter
M. H. Bullard 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library TC Water Co. employee; rancher
Henry A. Bunnell deeds
John Bunny 1877 Tuolumne Independent, 6 Jan. Soulsbyville miner; died 24 Oct.'85, Amador Co.
Arthur F. Burdick 1852 deeds; claims Curtis Creek miner
F. A. Burditt deeds
George Burgemeis 1860 deeds; claims owned land at Sugar Pine
H. A. Burgess 1867 Union Democrat Tuolumne Co. Board of Supervisors
R. Burgess 1881 Tuolumne Independent, 9 July lived at Phoenix Lake
Frank Burke see Frank Birk
Thomas Burke 1877 Argonaut, 17 Nov. run in with M. B. Duffield
Simon Burkhart 1889 Tuolumne Independent, 10 Aug. lumberman at Hale's Mill
William Burman 1860 census lumberman with Carter
James Burns 1884 Directory Burns & Co., lumbermen
Hiram Burrell 1884 Tuolumne Independent, 21 June employed by Baker at Confidence
Joseph Burrie 1863 Huntington Library TC Water Co. employee
Fred Bush 1879 Tuolumne Independent, July, Sept. stage driver
George Carter Buss 1871 great register mining engineer at Baxter's
F. M. Buster 1852 deeds; claims Confidence Mine
D. H. Buttrick 1853 Norris Collection, Bancroft Library TC Water Co. employee
F. J. Byrd 1865 Union Democrat Tuolumne Co. Board of Supervisors
M. Byrne 1864 Union Democrat Tuolumne Co. Board of Supervisors
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